Coordinated Design

Beautiful And Durable Garage Makeovers

Not only are our garage storage solutions durable and strong, they’re attractive. As the last room you see when you leave and the first to greet you when you come back, the garage should be a space you love to see. With our garage makeovers, you can design a space that is a true extension of your home.

Why Coordinated Design Is Important

To create a truly organized and functional garage that will work for your family for years to come, we know that it’s important to use a variety of solutions. Our experience has taught us that one storage solution does not always do everything you need, so we created a system that works seamlessly together for the perfect garage makeover. Instead of creating a system of stand-alone solutions, our storage system can be easily integrated to create the organized garage you’ll want to show off to neighbors and friends.

Overhead Storage & Shelves

Our industrial-strength garage shelving comes in two powder-coated finishes; Granite Grey and White. The Overhead Racks can also be purchased in the same finishes.

Hooks, Handles & Extras

Don’t let the design coordination stop, all of our hardware and accessories are built to match and come in our Graphite Pearl Finish. Cabinet handles can also be matched to fit your style.

Custom Cabinets

Available in a variety of finishes and configurations, our cabinets can be tailored to fit nearly any space as well as help store items from any lifestyle.

Flooring Upgrade

The garage floor is often overlooked when it comes to upgrades in the garage. Choose from one of our many coatings.

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