Garage Shelving

Durable Garage Shelving

The patented Monkey Bars shelving system provides a steel framework for an organized garage. Unlike big box store solutions or DIY, Monkey Bar shelving creates an efficient and professional solution to maximizing space and accessibility in your garage.

Professional Garage Consultants

  • Smart Storage: Our systems store everything in an efficient manner. Less frequently used items are stored up high, while daily used items are stored below for easy access.
  • Strong Storage: Just a single shelf can support up to 1,000 lbs of storage!


With the ability to move the bars and hooks below the shelving, you will be able to accommodate more storage in any unique way you need.

Hang In Layers

Hang everyday items such as sports equipment and yard tools in front or behind the bar for layers of easy access.

Overhead Shelving

Boxes, totes and other large items fit perfectly at 6 ft off the ground on the shelf.

Lifetime Warranty

We back all our garage shelving and accessories with a lifetime warranty. Quality, functionality, and beauty all describe a garage organized with Gorgeous Garage organization system.

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Holds 1,000 lbs every four feet of shelving

Two Color Options

Designed to match any home and style

Off The Floor

Get everything off of your floor for easy cleaning

Color Coordinated

Designer Series finishes match your garage cabinets

Integrated Accessories & Configurations

Because every garage has different items to store, Monkey Bar shelving was designed with a wide range of accessories and configurations.

  • Wall Mounted: Most garage shelving is free standing and is taking up precious floor space. With Monkey Bars, everything is up on the wall and out of the way. Even windows and doors are no problem with the inverted shelving options.
  • Custom Accessories: Ball bags, workbenches, bucket racks, and more are all accessories designed to fit on and under the Monkey Bars shelving system.
  • Works Well Together: Our overhead storage and garage cabinets are a perfect fit for your space and even look good together. They get things out of the way and are less noticeable. Adding our Monkey Bars garage shelving system together with these options makes for the perfect solutions to more storage. We have a solution for all your garage problems and all of our products will always work well together.
  • Adaptability: The Monkey Bars Shelving System is totally adaptable and can be easily integrated with other products, such as garage overhead storage or wall mounted cabinets.

It All Starts With The Shelf

24" D-10 Garage Shelving

24″ deep shelf, 10 adjustable bar positions.

16" D-6 Garage Shelving

16″ deep shelf, 6 adjustable bar positions.

24" D-6 Garage Shelving

24″ deep shelf, 6 adjustable bar positions.

32" Garage Shelving

32″ deep shelf, 10 adjustable bar positions.

24" Inverted Shelf

Great for over windows and doors.

32" Inverted Shelf

Great for over garage doors.

Hooks and Bars

Adjustable Bars

Easily and securely snaps in and out of the brackets. Available in 35″ and 51″ lengths.

Adjustable Hooks

Hooks snap on and off bars and hang almost anything off the ground.

Hook Options

Eight hook types to neatly store the items in your garage.

Popular Accessories

Adjustable Wall Shelves

Shelves 13″ deep and 36″ or 44″ long. Can mount directly to a wall or suspend from a Monkey Bar.

Folding Workbench

Sturdy when you need it, out of the way when you don’t.

Sports Bag

Easy organization for sports fans in your family.

Gear Bag

Great for helmets, sports gear, exercise equipment and more.

Hose/Cord Holder

Perfect for holding garden hoses, air hoses, and extension cords.

Wire Basket

Stores golf balls, baseballs, hand tools and more.

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