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Durable Epoxy Garage Flooring

Our garage flooring is the perfect finishing touch for your garage. Our floor coatings provide a waterproof and stain resistant surface that gives your garage a fantastic look! Our epoxy floor coatings make your garage floors durable, gorgeous and easy to clean.

Epoxy Flooring Solutions

We do the job right. Our flooring will create a smooth seamless surface that is easy for you to clean and maintain.

Full Floor Prep: We prepare the concrete surface of your garage floor by grinding away any previous coating or epoxy, then we fill any cracks or dents in your floor to ensure a smooth surface. As a top rated epoxy flooring company, we’ll get your epoxy color to your specs for both residential and commercial applications. Epoxy installation requires a concrete slab that has been prepped properly so the new garage floor coating lasts a lifetime.

Professional Installation: Installation is a one day two step process and is normally ready to take on the family vehicle in 24 to 36 hours. As top rated epoxy flooring contractors in SWFL Florida, you can be assured that you’ll have the most durable custom epoxy flooring options available to you. Ask us about the anti skid / slip product we use in all of our epoxy floors.

Colors and Finishes: We offer a full range of color choices so you don’t have to settle for something that doesn’t go with your style. Check images below of the epoxy colors including metallic epoxy and flake epoxy flooring.

Increases Value: Having a garage epoxy floor that is not only beautiful but functional will add value to your home’s worth.

Low Maintenance

With easy-to-clean properties, you won’t need special supplies to keep your garage floor looking as beautiful as it did on the day it was installed. All you need to clean this floor is water and a mop.

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No Peeling

Diamond grinding ensures a superior bond that won’t peel

UV Stable Flooring

Base coat will never fade, top coat will never yellow

Chemical Resistant

Don’t fret over spilled gas or oil

Crack & Spalling Repair

We fill cracks, spalling, and control joints

The Advantages Of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings: A great benefit of our epoxy flooring is the clean look that it gives your garage.

Low Maintenance: Easy upkeep and low maintenance and provides a clean garage floor.

No More Ugly Cracks: Our epoxy garage flooring crew will repair any cracks, dips or dents in your garage flooring in SWFL before installing our flooring. Want decorative concrete? Give us a call!

Anti Skid / Slip: In each of our epoxy floors we add a 60 grit rhino tooth which dramatically reduces the potential chance for slip and falls especially during rainy season or when the kids or grand kids are running through the garage and the floor is wet

Sealed Concrete: With sealed concrete, you can say goodbye to dust and particles getting caught in cracks in your garage. With our polyurea top coat system your garage will keep that beautiful shine for years to come always a fresh shiny look with the durability that comes with our professional two part installation system.

Floor Coating Options


Garage Floor Tiles

Our tiles are beautiful, high quality garage floor tiles designed for any garage. These tiles can instantly turn an ordinary garage from a concrete storage room into a true living space, while also creating an overall clean look. Floor tiles take only a few hours to install and they’re easy to maintain. The quality and durability of our garage floor tiles make them the best modular flooring available.

Floor Tile Options


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