Overhead Garage Storage

Overhead Shelving

Our overhead garage storage is a safe and affordable way to store your seasonal items that you don’t use very often. These racks keep items off the floor and out of the way by hanging from the ceiling.

More Space

Our overhead garage storage can provide you with 50% more space in your garage to store your items.

Move Everything Off The Floor

Say goodbye to piles and mounds of stuff, boxes, and totes. Overhead storage takes your items and gets them off the floor.

Easy Access

You can easily access your long-term storage items and instead of digging around you will be able to clearly see each item, tote or box you are looking for.

Overhead Garage Storage Features

Most people have nothing overhead in their garage but wasted space. With overhead storage, you can use that space and get your garage organized and clean.

  • Custom Design: Monkey Bars has provided a convenient way to store all of your items above the floor close to the ceiling so that the wasted space is put to good use.
  • Adjustable: The overhead racks are fully adjustable and easy to get to.
  • Long-Term Storage Items: Monkey Bars overhead storage in Location has been used in several homes, commercial buildings, and offices to help place items out of the way, but easily accessible.

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Safety Lip

2″ lip securely holds all of your storage in its place


Racks can be combined for greater storage capacity

Motorized Option

Skip the ladder and load your racks from the ground level

Professional Install

Authorized dealers ensure a proper installation

Some Overhead Storage Inspiration


Overhead Storage Solutions

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted racks can hold up to 1,000 pounds per rack.

Premium Worktops

Each 8’ rack can be combined with more racks to form even larger platforms.

Industrial Grade

Made from industrial grade steel, these racks can handle anything.

Bike/Jeep Top Lifters

Get your bikes and other accessories off the floor with Bluetooth motors.

Color Coordinated

Overhead racks come in Granite Gray and Desert Stone to match your Monkey Bars Shelving System.