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Do you find yourself tripping over excess clutter and storage bins in your garage? Are you tired of being embarrassed when people see your garage? If this sounds like you, then Monkey Bars have the perfect solution to your garage storage in Fort Myers Beach. With a customized garage storage system, we have everything you will need to organize your garage.


We also carry a full line of accessories, from multiple hooks to bike racks and ski racks, we can help you organize anything. We create the garage storage Fort Myers Beach homeowners have been searching for.


Customized: Each of our systems for garage storage in Fort Myers Beach are built on site to ensure that all of your garage storage needs are met.


Affordable: Off-site storage units can be a hassle and a continuous expense. By using Monkey Bars you can keep your storage items in your home and out of the way providing you with easy access.


Organization Help: We even organize your items with you after we have installed the Monkey Bars product. Don’t do your garage organization project alone, let us help!


Garage Shelving: With a 1,000 lb weight capacity of just 4 feet, our shelving can hold your heavy, bulky items

Garage Cabinets: Your tools will be protected from the wear and tear that inevitably happens in your garage over time.

Overhead Garage Storage: Our overhead racks are ideal for storing items that you want out of the way, up overhead.

Garage FlooringOur garage flooring is easy to clean and has a modern and attractive look.